Casa Segura: A Fair to Make Homes More Secure

In an effort to orient and help home owners prepare for the hurricane season ahead, ambassadors Astrid Diaz and Deborah Martorell welcomed a crowd in Plaza Las Americas on Thursday, August 1, for the opening ceremony of Casa Segura, a weekend long fair of demonstrations and orientations to guide the public on how they make their homes more secure.

The event started off with architect Diaz and meteorologist Martorell having a conversation about how important it is to follow new guidelines and regulations that are being updated constantly. A musical performance was given by Marileyda Hernández, winner of Idol Puerto Rico 2013 and even cake was distributed among attendees.

Some of the event’s sponsors were The College of Architects and Landscape Architects, the Puerto Rico Builders Association, The City of Bayamon, Susan G Komen, MCS, la Junta de Planificación, College of Electricians, Empire Gas 50 and many more.

Among the many important subjects discussed in the small forum were informal construction in the island of Puerto Rico and how this huge commonality among home owners is one of the biggest problems in Puerto Rico when it faces a big natural disaster like a hurricane.

Hurricane María left many lessons, said Martorell, “and even though it is painful to look back at these difficult times we went through, it is important to look back and learn from our mistakes.”

Martorell and Diaz actually decided to team up during Hurricane María when they realized that together they could join forces to offer the public their expertise in preparation before the natural disaster and recuperation after wards.

There was also a Q&A hosted where PRBA member Eng. Jorge Guerrero along with the CAAPPR president Diana Luna, offered valuable information and advice for a crowd of home owners who asked questions regarding the appropriate materials, methods and guidelines when building or preparing their hurricane-resistant homes.

Plaza Las Americas has been hosting this event for 18 years.
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