Time to change our mindset

The past few weeks with the presentation of the Broadway hit Hamilton at the Puerto Rico Fine Arts Center in Santurce and the exposition that brought with it the transmission of several nationwide TV shows, we have experienced how Puerto Rico can once again become the benchmark and center of the economic activity in our region.

For several days we have seen the benefit of developing a vision and unity of purpose that result in benefits for all sectors in our island. In the same way we celebrated the success brought by Hamilton’s presentation, it is important to recognize that we are losing important development opportunities that could help pave the way for the economic development and recuperation of our island.

And it is that we are yet to internalize as a collective the need to solve our structural problems. It is important to establish structural reforms so that we can take advantage of the reconstruction to attract new initiatives that result in a sustainable economy.

While the reconstruction programs funded by the CDBG-DR funds begin, we must start training and certifying our workforce for the construction industry, the knowledge economy, agroindustry, manufacturing and tourism. This as an effort where private parties contribute by making alliances to achieve the goal of having a workforce with the skills we need.

Let’s begin by changing our mind set and start a conversation with the objective to place Puerto Rico among the first 10 jurisdictions in global competitivity and ease of doing business. This vision will give us the opportunity to attract new investment and get out of our economic depression. Let us work to implement initiatives and measures aligned with this vision and achieve economic drivers that sustain the social programs we need.

By Emilio Colón-Zavala, PE 

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