Joint effort with Atlys Global Managing Partner

Atlys Global Finance has developed a program that is helping contractors all over the island of Puerto Rico stabilize their cash flow by providing them with easy access to operating capital.

In a joint effort with the Puerto Rico Builders Association, Atlys Global Managing Partner Mr. Rance McFarland, recently offered a workshop on financing opportunities for contractors or subcontractors currently working on, or who anticipate working for, a Government Agency or a municipality that is sponsored by the US Government, such as FEMA, Corps of Engineers or CDBG-DR funded project. The meeting, which took place at Popular Center, was attended by more than 60 members from diverse sectors of the construction industry.

The Federal Contractor Financing Program (FCFP) has been helping contractors perform more efficiently on existing projects as well as helping them to secure new contracts here in Puerto Rico for over a year.

Among the themes included in the workshop were:

  • Who is Atlys Global
  • Explanation of the Financial Program
  • How to get into the program
  • Outline of timing and funding process.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please do not hesitate to contact Atlys at
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