Puerto Rico Builders Association (PRBA) expressed their opposition to the PMO- 24

Under the premise that the proposed municipal ordinance that will regulate the short-term rentals has the appearance of unconstitutionality by restricting and undermining the constitutional right to private property, representatives of the Puerto Rico Builders Association (PRBA) expressed their opposition to the PMO- 24.

Eng. Emilio- Colón -Zavala, Chairman of the Puerto Rico Builders Association, stated at a Senate hearing that although the PRBA emphasizes on the importance of adequately regulating this activity so that neighbors and the community do not see them unreasonably harmed, the proposed ordinance is predicated on fundamentally incorrect premises. Among them, the municipality starts from the premise that as a result of these short-term rentals, the municipality does not receive any income.

Eng. Emilio Colón-Zavala, chairman and Alfredo Martínez- Álvarez, Jr., Vice- Chairman of the PRBA, addressed the Puerto Rico Builders Association concerns to the San Juan Municipal Assembly on a hearing held on March 7, 2019. In their deposition, they highlighted the importance of the short-term rentals by mentioning that the short-term rentals have helped to give use to a significant number of properties currently in disuse. They also informed on reports that show that this type of rental has served to mitigate mortgage delinquencies. The PRBA board members raised their concern about this project as it appears to be a tax collection measure rather than one to regulate the short-term rental activity.