Close up shot of a map. San Juan pinned with a red pushpin. Municipio de San Juan Bautista is the capital and most populous municipality in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Who We Are

Chairman’s Message

Puerto Rico has new challenges which once again demonstrate the importance of being united and working together as a group with common purposes.

The local seismic activity has highlighted the infrastructure challenges in our Island. This in addition to the situations that have permeated after hurricanes Irma and María rattled the Island in September 2017.

Although the challenges are many, the Puerto Rico Builders Association (PRBA) is focused on keeping their contribution with government and private entities as well as non- profit organization towards the planned and safe development of our communities.

At the PRBA we continue to conduct and promote educational activities that allows our workforce to contribute to the economic recovery. At the same time, our organization keeps promoting activities that lead to regain the confidence in our institutions.

It is time to focus on identifying the opportunities to place us in the path of innovation, boosting the economy with business opportunities centered at the possibilities that offer the strategic location of our beloved Island. This, leaving behind the bureaucracy and providing the tools to continue building Puerto Rico on top of a safe and prosperous foundation.

Alfredo Martínez-Álvarez, Jr.
Puerto Rico Builders Association


Our transformation has been part of a dynamic process with our members responding to new market needs.

Since its inception in 1951, we have constantly adapted and shifted, according to the needs of the real estate development industries in Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Builders Association (ACPR, by its acronym in Spanish) continues to promote the best practices in development, planning and environmental care, in order to:

  • Serve our communities.
  • Unite real estate leaders and executives from the different sectors: Housing, Commercial, Industrial and Tourism.
  • Foster collaboration among members, and alliances with other non-governmental institutions for responsible economic growth and improve the quality of life of communities.
  • Lead change in the industry and advance land use policies, regulations and design practices that balance development and our environment.
  • Share knowledge and provide continuous education for our members (engineers, architects, realtors and other licensed professionals), while actively participating in the public arena.
  • Provide leadership positions to a new generation of entrepreneurs and professionals eager to take prominent roles in our organization, through our councils and committees.

Our Leadership

Our main objective is to promote and lead planned, safe and sustainable development, to serve as an economic motor for our island.

Board of Directors 2020  

Alfredo Martínez-Álvarez, Jr.

Arq. Vanessa de Mari
Vice Chairman

Armando Vilas, Esq.
Board Secretary

Waleska Rivera
Board Treasurer

Nory W. Rivera, Esq.
Executive Director

Our Board of Directors

Sr. Ricardo Agudo
Ing. Orlando Méndez
Sra. Wilma Alejandro
Ing. Emilio Colón-Zavala
Ing. Francisco Arteaga
Arq. Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz

Lcdo. Cristian Bernaschina
Lcda. Nydin Watlington
Sr. Alejandro Brito
Sr. Agustín Rojo
Sra. Victoria Colón
Sr. Rafael A. Rojo

Lic. Pablo Dardet
Sr. Federico Sánchez-Ortiz
Ing. Adolfo González Sr.
Roberto J. Trápaga Fonalledas
Ing. Jorge Guerrero
Ing. Fernando Sumaza

Sr. Daniel Acosta
Ing. Ramón J. de León
Lcdo. Patricio Martínez-Lorenzo
Sra. María de los Ángeles Rivera
Sr. Alejandro Longo
Sr. Larry Padilla